The North West Veterans NHS Mental Health Mapping research states:
(Wirral NHS studies 2012)


Whilst Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is probably the best known mental health disorder, research has confirmed that as per general population, depression, personality disorder and alcohol related issues equally impact on Military Veterans. An individuals housing and employment status can also have an effect on their mental health. However, the actual circumstances surrounding their condition and the military culture and context through which some of these issues have developed may affect this segment of the population which is why we intend to give those in need back a sense of their former community.


The Northwest provides the greatest number of civilians entering the Armed Forces each year representing 1/5th of the Armed Forces annual recruitment intake.
Annually there are approximately 6,000 personnel resettling in the North West accompanied by their families.
It is estimated1 that the UK’S Veteran community is now 10 million strong.


1 Those who served in the Armed Forced (regular or reserve),
Widows/Widowers and their dependants including members of the Merchant Navy

  • 526,000 Veterans in the North West.
  • 22,000 in receipt of Armed Forces pension scheme.
  • 19,400 in receipt of either war pension or Armed Forces compensation scheme for injuries during service.
  • Historically facilities for discharging service personnel and Veterans have been linked to Army locations e.g. Army resources and rehabilitation centres: East of England, South East, South West and Scotland.
  • There are over 2,000 regular Soldiers, 3,600 TA Soldiers and 7,000 Cadets in the North West
    6,000 returning back to the North West region every year.
  • 42nd (Northwest) Brigade is the headquarters for the Army and TA in the North West.
  • The Royal Navy headquarters for the region are based at Brunswick Dock (HMS Eaglet) Toxteth.
  • The Royal Air Force has bases in Cumbria (RAF Spadeadam) and Liverpool (RAF Woodvale).
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