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Discover ways in which you can help us by volunteering.

There are many ways you are able to help the Veterans Garage Project, donating your time as a volunteer on the build, fundraising or even in the form of a monetary contribution. No matter how little you have to spare your efforts will help us get this incredible project up and running for veterans and communities across the Northwest.

Below are some of the ways you can use your spare time to help raise funds for Veterans Garage

Find out more about helping to fundraise

So far we have had an outstanding response from individuals, from volunteers, ex servicemen & actively serving personnel who like us are committed to making a difference of the lives of those who have served their country both young and old.

By helping to raise funds for the Veterans Garage you will enable us to provide an amazing facility to help and change the lives of our veterans giving them a sense of community, a safe haven to get support and advice and most importantly a place to have fun and that doesn’t stop with the veterans. Once the facility is built the events we are planning will accommodate the Northwest community’s who will be able to come and enjoy.

Ideas for fundraising

There are lots of fun ways you, your family and friends can help to get Veterans Garage up and running. Below are just a few suggestions of fundraising activities that could be done.

  • Volunteer to help out with a bucket collection at a local supermarket, at your local pub or club, or automotive club or place of work (for many of the above, if £1000 or more is raised, you will go onto the Veterans Garage wall and website as a project sponsor/partner)
  • Volunteer to help out at a charity event
  • Sponsored walk, run or bike ride
  • Auction at your workplace
  • Bake sale and tea or coffee meet/morning

Setting up a Fundraising Activity

If you have an idea for a fundraising activity of your own to help raise funds for the  please send us over a message on the contact us form ….. we’d love to hear from you !

Tell your friends about Veterans Garage

One way you can help the project is to spread the word and tell other people what our charity is about.

There are the many ways you can help spread the word:

  • Like us on Facebook
  • Join our Facebook group
  • Email a friend to tell them to visit the website



We appreciate any donations towards the project and we are going launch a crowdfunding page in January 2016 with some amazing perks in return for your contribution. We are also incorporating a shop stocking our newly launched Veterans Garage clothing range and Veterans Garage Pin Up Edition clothing…. Keep an eye out for more products coming….available soon.

For anyone wishing to Donate/Contribute directly please use the donate button below with many thanks in advance.