• SixTwo Architects

    SixTwo Architects

      Very happy to announce that the unbelievably talented SixTwo Architects have officially partnered the Veterans Garage Project … Really exited to have these guys on board.            

  • What you will see @ Veterans Garage Mcr

    October 26, 2015

    Future Events………. Clearly we are a long way off from getting this place to where it needs to be. But together we are going to get there and were just absolutely busting at the seams with brilliant community events, plans and things to do when it comes to the opening of the Veterans Garage Mcr. […]

  • Barton Airport History

    October 2, 2015

    In the inter-war years, the City of Manchester, in its quest to establish a municipal airport, chose the location of Fox hill Farm, alongside the present A57 in 1928. This choice was strongly influenced by the City’s Cleansing Department’s ownership there of 2600 acres and additional persuasion by John Leeming, who went on to lead […]