50% of the North West Military Veteran population is over the age of 60. The majority of this group served in WWII and National Service (until 1960)
The population of Veterans will dramatically decrease after the next 5-10 years alongside a change in needs of those who served. Many served in Northern Ireland in the 1970s will be at or near retirement.
Broughton House based in Salford is the only ex-personnel home in the region, although BLESMA run a home in Blackpool alongside a small number of homes whom offer Veteran specific support.


We pledge to work alongside local Veteran homes and elderly ex-servicemen to tackle the well documented issue of loneliness and isolation creating a facility for the older Veteran population not just with an interest in classic cars an motorcycles and aviation but also a gathering point for social activities and support in raising funds for Veteran homes.

The NHS findings went on to state,

The NHS confederation found that around 27.2% of Veterans who have a common mental health problem at some time, equating to approximately 143,000 in the North West.
8 % (11,400) will experience severe mental health problems.
13% of Veterans within this estimate, approximately 18,500 in the North West will have an alcohol related problem.
13.5% of Veterans in the region, 5,600 a neurotic disorder and 4.8% approximately 2000, will experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The Royal British Legion have estimated around 6% of homeless households are Veterans. This is a transient population and difficult to gauge the number of hidden homeless and rough sleepers.
It is though, a sizeable number of Veterans who require support and support for those who become homeless

In 2015 we witnessed the incredible and inspirational work done by the BBC DIY SOS Big Build and volunteers, now along with your help we would like to further and assist that work with a stable and fun social outlet where veterans can come together to support each other Soldier to Soldier while using the facility to bring in the crucial support networks available to them.

Veteran Garage